People Say . . .

. . . about Donna & Andy school concert

"The performances were fun and engaging for all students.  We had our JK/SK classes - grade 5 at each of the shows and they were all mesmerized.  It was very interactive and fun.  One of the comments that I got was from our VP and he just loved their level of energy.  Great job Donna & Andy.   We would love to have you back soon. Thank you !"  

Albina Wiegelmann
Arts contact for Stittsville Public School
Grade 2 EFI

"I''ve heard nothing but positive comments about your wonderful show. Several teachers said your show was the best presentation they've ever seen for children . . . One boy (Grade 2) told me he set a trap for Invisible Ed in his bedroom.  He put all of his little green plastic army men on his floor and if they get knocked over, he knows Ed was in his bedroom visiting him. Another girl told me Invisible Ed was in her bedroom, because her bedroom blind fell off the window frame, and no was in her room, so - it had to be Ed . . . I've had several other Ed Sightings at our school.  Some students are even wearing Invisible glasses so they can spot him.  It is so fun to watch them be kids.  You really brought out the best in them . . . Long live ED!"
Crystal Hanson
Oromocto, NB

“The Performance was excellent and enjoyed immensely by the students and staff. Very engaging and interactive, the students loved it.”

A Principal

“Many thanks for your wonderful performance. Your high quality presentation was enjoyed by students and staff alike. The teachers were “rolling in the aisles” several times through your show. Along with the rich humour, your show is musically strong and is a delight to experience. Keep up the great work.”

A principal   


. . . about their music resources

"Donna, you have an amazing gift of writing memorable music. I always knew that, as the primary or junior choir students heard your songs for the first time on the accompanying CD, they'd almost instantly fall in love with them. The lyrics and melodies … always staying in their mind and voice. As a result, the young people have always performed them well and because the topics or themes touched their hearts, it also touched the ears/hearts of the listeners. You have a wonderful gift! Your materials were always a treasure trove to find and use. I was always grateful to find new materials for the … school students."

A long time music teacher

"I received my copy of the Computer Cat Teacher's resource and am pleased to say that I have already made good use of it. I am an Elementary Supply Teacher, and I get tons of Music calls--your resource is perfect for the times when the regular teacher doesn't leave any plans, or I just want to do something different with the kids!
Thanks again!"
Melissa Dean

"I just wanted to let you know that we used three songs from "It's Christmas Time" at our Christmas concert in December and they were a hit! The kids loved singing them, and I got many comments from parents about how wonderful the songs were. My grade 3's sang "Star Above" (with one verse in French), my grade 4's sang "Sing Gloria" and my grade 5's did "Deo" . . . It was wonderful!! Thanks so much for such wonderful, accessible, singable music!"

Jennifer Floris
Music Teacher
Jean Vanier Catholic School

London, ON


At our recent Grade 3-6 Christmas Concert we performed your song "Raise Up Your Voices" as our closing number with all 200 students singing. I was inspired to do this after attending your session at the NSMEA conference. All 200 students were in the Gym. The grade 6 and Grade 4 classes [around 100 students] were up on the stage which is raised and the grade 5 and grade 3 classes [again around 100] on the floor, visually below the other classes. The call and response went from the group on the floor to the group on the stage. As soon as the choreography started you could feel the audience really getting into it. As the last note sounded and everyone's hand shot up into the air the audience spontaneously rose as one into an extended standing ovation. What an amazing feeling that was for the kids. I just wanted to share this with you and wish you the best of the season.

A music educator


. . . about Donna’s workshops for teachers

"What appealed to me about this particular reading session was the quality of lyrics, melodic contours, and vocal harmonies!  Donna writes for a range of levels and choral ensembles – from elementary unison choirs, middle school SSA choirs, to high school and community SATB ensembles.  Whatever the level, one can be assured that the music is of the highest quality.  As a writer, Donna imbues her texts with messages that are thought provoking, and inspiring.  Singers and audience alike are challenged to reflect on the message.  Donna’s playful side gives birth to hilarious and affectionate songs that children continue to sing long after the concert is over."

Dr Ruth Morrison
Music Education Professor


. . . about adult venues, fund-raisers:

"We were more than pleased with the entertainment they provided for our 2005 Provincial Conference of Nova Scotia Association of Health Auxiliaries held at Oak Island Resort. The 170 delegates attending the conference appreciated the musical talent and versatility of these two performers. Their ability to work with a particular theme and to create the ambience we had hoped to achieve for our banquet was a real plus."

S. Loretta Walker
President, South Shore Regional Hospital Auxiliary (2005)
Vice-President, Nova Scotia Association of Health Auxiliaries (2005)

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