Come Dance with Me

Andy's vocals croon these great old standards performed with big band arrangements. This 4 song EP is the precursor to the 10 song CD "Come Dance with Me" to be released in 2016. Enjoy these beautiful, old songs as you dance around the living room.

"I am so excited to be working on my new CD “Come Dance with Me”. I have been thinking about recording this CD for many years and started the planning 3 years ago. It is a dance friendly CD of some of my favorite songs recorded with a big band sound".

The next 6 songs to complete the 10 song CD are in the development stages and will be recorded in 2016. These songs include: Save the Last Dance for Me, Doin' it Right, Crazy Little Thing Called Love, Around the World, Beyond the Sea, and My Own Way to Rock.


1. When You're Smiling    
2. Fly Me to the Moon    
3. All of Me    
4. Can't Help Falling in Love    



Musically Yours

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Musically Yours, Donna's first instrumental CD. The CD has 15 original songs and one cover tune (Ashokan Farewell by Jay Ungar) featuring the writing and playing skills of Nova Scotia composer and performer Donna Rhodenizer.

Drawing on her experience as a classical violinist and her traditional folk roots, this collection is a delightfully eclectic mix of gentle waltzes, toe-tapping fiddle tunes and beautiful melodies.  Donna created the musical arrangements for all the songs as well as contributing her playing skills on violin/fiddle, piano and accordion; and invited some of Nova Scotia's finest musicians to join her to create this outstanding recording.

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1. Maiden, Fair Maiden
9.  Child Child Please to Listen
2. Tune for Rhody 10. Lady of the Red Castle
3. Pay the Fiddler 11. Wash in the Basin
4. Dance the Dream 12. House on the Hill
5. Remember Me 13. Port Hope
6. Donna's Aire 14. One Small Voice
7. That's it for Today 15. Ashokan Farewell
8. Willow 16. Until I Return

All songs written by Donna Rhodenizer except Ashokan Farewell by Jay Ungar and That's it for Today by Andy Duinker.

Musicians who contributed their talents to this CD include:

Greg Simm: Acoustic, electric and bass guitar, banjo, and mandolin
Chris Mitchell: Soprano saxophone, flute and clarinet
Jamie Gatti: Acoustic bass
Eugene Cormier: Nylon string guitar
Ivor Rothwell: Bassoon
Julie Cuming: French horn
Eric Landry: Trombone
Tim Keels: Tuba
Don Chapman: Percussion
Jamie Robinson: Acoustic Guitar
Blue Engine String Quartet:
Jennifer Jones: Violin
Anne Simons: Violin
Alexandra Bates: Viola
Hilary Brown: Cello

Recorded, mixed and mastered by:

Don Chapman, DC Productions, Dartmouth, NS


Fine Company

Andy Duinker with Donna Rhodenizer

Fine Company features the tenor/baritone/bass voice of Andy Duinker, supported by Donna Rhodenizer's instrumental and vocal harmonies. The CD contains ten tracks including four traditional songs, four original songs (written by Donna) and two songs by other Maritime composers. This recording is a great addition to any CD collection.

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1. Call of the Ocean
 6. Jessie Munroe
2. Old Ways  7. Love of the Sea
3. Ode to the Fisherman  8. My Love My Love
4. Sarah  9. Shenandoah
5. Spinning Wheel 10. Donna's Aire

Click on the title of each song for complete lyrics.

Call of the Ocean is an original song written by Donna Rhodenizer. This is songwriting at its finest. The lyrics are well crafted and will speak to those who love the ocean. They are set in a musical setting that sparkles and flows like the ocean itself. Also available in Registered Reproducible Master (RRM) format.

Old Ways is a beautifully written song by three fine Cape Breton writers. Andy's rich vocals are given "centre stage" accompanied only by piano. The CD is worth purchasing for this song alone!

Ode to the Fishermen, written by John Gracie, showcases Andy's vocal range as he multi-tracks all five parts himself. It is hard to believe that one voice can be so versatile, yet the proof is in the audio. Also available in octavo and Registered Reproducible Master (RRM) format.

Sarah, Spinning Wheel and Jessie Munroe are three light-hearted traditional songs offering some insight into young lovers facing the obstacles of restrictive courting regulations. These songs from the traditional repertoire are treated carefully to preserve their original flavour while adding enough contemporary flavour to create a nice blend of old and new.

The Love of the Sea, written by Donna Rhodenizer, has had a solid response with thousands of copies of the printed version distributed across Canada. It has been recorded by other artists who have discovered this choral gem. The melody is indicative of Donna's lyrical writing, handled with great sensitivity by Andy's vocals. Violin and cello are added to the mix creating a lovely setting for a truly memorable piece of Canadian music. Also available in octavo format.

My Love My Love, also written by Donna, is written in the style of an old English ballad. From the haunting opening cello line to the tragic conclusion of the song, this tale of "love lost" will reach into the imagination of the listener. Andy's passionate portrayal of the loyal lover only heightens the sense of loss at the story's conclusion.

Shenandoah is an American folk song that has stood the test of time and remains a gem in the vocal repertoire of many singers. It is a perfect vehicle for Andy's warm tenor voice and Donna's multi-tracked harmony vocals.

Donna's Aire is a gentle instrumental track that brings the CD to a pleasant close. It is hard to believe that this tune has not been in existence for a hundred years. The violin is given a chance to shine, supported by some of the finest studio musicians Nova Scotia has to offer.

With the variety of vocal ranges offered on this CD, it is difficult to believe there are only two singers on this recording. It is a solid performance from start to finish and a stellar debut album for Andy Duinker as a roots/traditional solo performer. Whether you are a fan of roots/traditional music or someone who enjoys good music, you will enjoy this CD.

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Donna Rhodenizer and Andy Duinker are versatile musicians enjoying a multifaceted career of performing, recording, publishing, and composing.

Donna Rhodenizer and Andy Duinker are ECMA winners who have been performing together professionally since 1996. Their performing experience shows in their versatile vocals, instrumental accompaniments and variety of musical styles. Their repertoire includes their own original songs as well as traditional folk songs, a computer cat, an invisible dragon, Andy's chicken (something you will never forget!) and audience participation (from penguin line dancing to "The Most Important Person").

In addition to performing and recording, Donna Rhodenizer and Andy Duinker are song writers and composers and co-founded Red Castle Publishing to print and distribute their music to schools and choirs across Canada and in the US. They have published over 50 original songs in a series of four songbooks (with complete piano scores) and 15 individual titles for High School, Community, University and Professional choirs. Donna's songs for children are popular with choirs, elementary teachers, students, and the parents who hear their children singing at home and in concert.

Donna's music resources, including children's CDs have been approved by the Nova Scotia Department of Education as Approved Learning Resources (ALR) for use in Elementary Schools. These resources are available from the Nova Scotia School Book Bureau. The Department of Education in Saskatchewan have also approved the Computer Cat Teacher's Resource.

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